The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (Andy Borowitz, 1990-1996)


Overview- Will Smith plays a street smart teenager of the same name who is taken in by his Californian relatives in order for him to become more respectable, well mannered and mature, however he has other ideas. The series is loved by millions, even now despite it being off the air for 18 years. It is a treasured piece of American TV history and made Will Smith loved across the world.

Why Its Good- The series is good as it has the perfect mix between comedy and seriousness and so can make audiences laugh and cry. This is also due to the actors as the characters are very easy to like and the audience connect to them well. This means that viewers feel and have empathy for characters in sad situations. Throughout the several seasons the characters become grounded and the series becomes comfortable and easy to watch.

Media Type Things- There is not much I can say for the media side of things other than the setting for the show which is very typical of comedies during this era and is also very comfortable after several seasons. Also the very well known opening theme at the start of the show is very effective and well shot with the right measure of comedy and creativity. The outrageously outlandish clothing of Will Smith adds to his persona and makes him a loveable character.

Final Thoughts- One of the most beloved shows across the world and one of my favourite shows that I can somehow just watch, no matter my mood. The characters are easy to like and great at delivering comedy (especially Will and Carlton, in my opinion).



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